Monday, March 18, 2013

Poof! Gone.

We are now stumpless. Randy from Chip Away came out on Wednesday and got rid of the mystery stump on the right and what I think is an English yew on the left. I can't recommend him enough if you need a stump removed.


And the apple stump that kept suckering back to life?

He had to grind two feet down to get everything but he still managed to leave every single tulip in this area untouched.

That's no small feat considering he had to maneuver this huge piece of machinery through my narrow side yard.

He left me this chunk o' stump that I think is just begging to be planted up with ferns, yes?

And now I have two blank slates for planting!

This area lies in shade and it's right next to the hose, so I'm down with planting things that want moister soil. I know I want an abutilon, maybe 'Hot Lava'? What's your favorite shade plant? Who wants to go shopping?


  1. YES to plant shopping! Stump grinding seems like magic, for sure...good to know they can maneuver around existing plants...perhaps I was wrong to be scared of it.

  2. Is there any way you'd want to go shopping/help me with plant placement? There would be plants in it for you. :)

  3. Of course, I'd love to! Just name the time & place.

  4. I am impressed by a guy who has the creativity to name his business Chip Away and the pride to post portfolios of his work: full color photos of uprooted stumps. And he has the focus to only offer one service, but do it very well. I wish we had a stump guy with such laser focus and pride of product here!

  5. New planting beds and a nurse log! You're set for a bang-up season.

  6. Would you ever consider doing a workshop on container planting? I bet you would design something awesome for a log planter. I loved the tuna can creations you made for our first plant exchange so much.

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