Wednesday, March 16, 2011

That weird crawlspace

So that weird crawlspace that was added underneath the dining room is only accessible via this window in the basement.

The former owners made weird decisions (like burying things in the yard) and they liked to use the crawlspaces as storage.

There were, if I remember correctly, 23 bags of insulation in the main crawlspace. My electrician pulled them out for me (I don't get in the crawlspace because of SPIDERS, OH MY GOD SPIDERS) and my contractor friend took them off my hands.

The weird crawlspace was apparently used as a junkyard.

We found a bag of potting soil, a broom, an old window screen, and a lot of small pieces of wood. The boy awesomely volunteered to pull on his hoodie and his workgloves and fetch them through the window. I held the flashlight and SCREAMED when a huge spider came coasting down onto the boy.

Oddly, he didn't seem to appreciate this.

But it's clean and we didn't kill each other afterward, so I think we can call this one a victory.


  1. gah. spiders. I wouldn't go in there, either. Our basement is unfinished, I don't go down there, much, either, because even thought I don't see them, I KNOW THEY'RE THERE! WATCHING! Waiting to pounce.

  2. Eek! Crawlspaces are horrible. I had a scary one in my old house that was like your junkyard one - there was a broom in it, along with a bunch of other crap. I never went in it myself, though a plumber did. *shudder*

    I firmly believe that spaces inside a house should be FINISHED.