Saturday, October 15, 2011

Where do you hide your trashcans?

We currently keep our trashcan and recycling bins next to the garage, where all the ferns and shade lovers live. It makes the most sense, since it's nearest to the kitchen. Oh, but it looks really bad.

There was already a random fence post at the entrance to the side yard, so I slapped on a trellis and planted an evergreen jasmine to climb it. LeAnn assured me that it will take over and cover the trellis in no time.

Though I don't know why I'd want to cover up such craftsmanship.

Why would I use a smaller piece of 2x4 when I could choose one that can be seen from space?

What's the latest and greatest way to conceal trashcans? Is anybody doing anything creative to accomplish this? Even if this manages to hide them from the street, this is the only entrance to the garden and we have to walk past them to get into the yard. Maybe I should just paint some ferns on them? There's no way that would look bad.


  1. We keep our garbage cans in the garage, so I don't have any other alternatives to offer. I think that your trellis idea is great! I'm sure the jasmine will grow in and hide the trash cans effectively.

  2. I'm starting to lean toward that idea. My only hesitation at this point is our curbside composting. At the end of this month Portland is asking that we put all food waste (ALL of it--it's awesome) into our yard debris bin for composting. So I'll be visiting that bin every other day, if not more. And it's so very hard to open the garage door. It takes, like, 45 seconds! ;)

  3. That is seriously awesome! We don't have curbside composting for food waste (just yard waste), so I have a stainless steel bin on the kitchen counter, and then transport it out to the compost heap (behind the garage - not seriously far, but it feels far enough in winter) when it gets full. If I had to wait for the garage door to open I would be far more lazy about it, so I totally hear you there.