Monday, December 5, 2011

Worth every penny.

Watching squirrels try to break into the new bird feeder is endlessly entertaining. They try so hard.

Oh hey, what's that?

Let's get a little closer . . .

I think I could reach if I just . . .

. . . streeeeeetttttttchhh . . . .

Damn it. Regroup!

We're also getting birds at the feeder, which is really exciting. In other unexpected birding news, dumping uncomposted leaves all over these beds has resulted in the birds foraging here like CRAZY. I've never seen so many feeding in the yard before. They have zero interest in my native plants; it turns out they just want store-bought birdseed and the bugs hiding under non-native tree leaves. Go figure.

I still can't identify any of them, either. Greg will ask, "What's that one?" and I'll reply, "A cute little brown one."


  1. I have broken down the leaves before by filling a yard debris can halfway with leaves, then using a string trimmer/edger inside the can to cut those leaves up. Kinda like a handheld immersion blender in the kitchen. It's fun, too. But wear sunglasses because debris can fly which equates to even more fun and excitement.

  2. Oh my gosh, I'm feeling old too! I think I'll probably take your advice and pull the leaves off in spring. Hopefully I'll have a compost bin built by then!

    I had no idea they made mulching shop-vacs and now I MUST HAVE ONE. Thanks a lot ;)

  3. I sort of feel like the moment I became old was when I got really excited to be able to tell that we had Goldfinches in our birdbath (again...not just "those pretty yellow birds"). Also...the delight I get from getting dive-bombed by the hummingbirds...I'm reminded of times I made fun of my dad and his obsession with birds. I noticed this weekend was prime foraging for birds in our neighborhood too...there were HUNDREDS...they moved in a flock from yard to yard! I've found that the intact leaves don't break down over the winter and can end up smothering things if left alone. I usually leave them during the winter, then pull them out of the beds in spring. What I really want is one of those shredding shop-vacs...shredded leaves break down much quicker...and don't matt down as much. Just my two cents :-)

  4. Everyone has been telling me that I should have run over the leaves with the lawn mower first, so thank you for telling me I did a good thing! How many seasons does it take for your leaves to break down?

    I think I need to get binoculars. As small as our yard is, I can't see beyond "well, that looks brown." I just ordered one of those feeders that suctions to your kitchen window--hopefully that will help with identifying them. I want to yell about bushtits too!

  5. I foresee a Birds of the Northwest book in your future. Hours of enjoyment right there. Once I learned to say "The bushtits are here! The bushtits are here!" I couldn't stop. ALSO..the piles of leaves on your beds? Smart. We do the same and it helps keep down the weeds, and YES, the birds love it. I love your new birdfeeder!