Thursday, March 29, 2012

Oh thank goodness

Spring is here--the lady ferns arrived! I was so worried they would never show up. I have no idea how this lady fern took up residence with a sword fern. I have tried to extricate them from each other but they seem to be in love. So I let them cohabitate.


In the summer the lady fern really takes over, just like a woman (ba dum shish!).

I moved a bunch of lady ferns in the side entrance last fall and they have yet to pop up again. I don't know if they're dead, pouting, or just traumatized. My wild ginger, which every book and website promised would take over this area, has sat like a bump on a log for two years, neither dividing nor conquering. But if you get very close you can see that it's flowering.

Asaraum caudatum

Of course, all the ginger I planted will have to be moved, since I had the cedar tree underlimbed and this area is no longer shady. I have to rethink this whole area and plant things that like dry, sunny spots (can you hear Loree's pulse quickening?).

The first tulips arrived! I honestly can't remember what these are, only that Greg wanted orange bulbs so I planted orange bulbs. What baby wants, baby gets (as long as it's tulips).

The tufted-hair grass (Deschamsia cespitosa) is growing by leaps. The common rush (Juncus effusus) sits and waits.


My climbing hydrangea (Schizophragma hydrangeoides 'Moonlight') is leafing out but I hear it can take four years for this vine to really get going. So I have to be patient. Perhaps I'll make myself a cocktail to pass the time.

The leaves of this tiny trillium are not much bigger than my nail and I'm so pleased that the house painters didn't destroy them. I actively fretted about my stupid trilliums.

I moved a potted flowering currant here and I think the hot pink blooms are looking nice against the new paint job. So I guess it was worth all the worrying.

I cannot bring myself to trim my sedum 'Autumn Joy' of its summer seedheads. They are too pretty.

But you know what I should be doing, instead of taking pictures? Getting all of these in the ground.

My shipments from Annie's Annuals and High Country Gardens came this weekend while I was in California, helping my niece turn 8. I love my niece but do you know what torture that was? To know all of this was waiting for me?

Happy spring! For reals this time.


  1. really know how to shop! That's a collection that puts my plant addiction to shame. What's the one in the white container? It looks like it has some spiky possibilities. As for your dry sunny spot I remind you that the Cistus Agave sale runs through April....

  2. The one in the white pot is a *Hesperaloe parviflora 'Brakelights,'* which was suggested by Laurrie (I believe). Baby's first yucca!

  3. Too bad you live in Oregon or I'd hire you to be our front yard landscaping consultant :)

  4. That would be so much fun. And dude, you're SO CLOSE to Annie's Annuals! You have to go shopping there.

  5. They should call this season Patience, not Spring. It's all about waiting, waiting for things to fill in or grow or come back from the dead. You have so much getting ready to leap out or be planted! I'm looking forward to seeing it all come together.

  6. You're so right.I keep thinking things should be further along than they are, only to check my photos and realize that I have to wait until May . . . or July . . . or September! I'm really excited for all the fast-growing perennials I'm planting in the front. I think they'll satisfy my impatience nicely. :)

  7. Look at all the new plants! What did you all get...looks like some promising (and healty) specimens! I'm so impatient with things in spring...especially since so many things seems lightly "off". Some things are months ahead of schedule...while a few others are over a month late. Of course, it just means that my neighbors get to watch me crouched down in the front yard every day until I see signs of life...they are SO lucky ;-)

  8. I copied everything from your garden! I put in Agastache 'Blue Blazes' and 'Ava,' Ladybird poppies, that Angelica Stricta that Annie showed at the HPSO meeting, Knautia macedonia, Silene asterias, an eryngium, penstemon 'Coconino County,' and then a bunch of Autumn fire and random salvias. Now I'm thinking I should have ordered that 'Rozanne' geranium to sprinkle here and there.

    I think non-gardeners must think we're insane. Crouching, talking to our plants, staring off into space . . . :)

  9. Here's hoping you have better luck with your climbing hydrangea than I have over the years, Heather. I think that vine was put here to keep gardeners humble – as if we need one more humbler.

    Hey, that's some good-looking moji, er, mint.

  10. You are so much farther along than us. My ferns haven't even thought of unfurling. We have daffodils, bloodroot, and dutchman's breeches among other things in bloom right weeks behind you. I'm surprised your wild ginger isn't spreading. Ours slowly spreads in a lovely non-taking over way. It's one of the plants that survived 10 years of complete neglect from the second owners and in that time filled out nicely. That's a nice big order of plants! Looks like some great additions to your gardens.

  11. It's funny, my Dutchman's breeches are just barely poking out of the ground and won't bloom until next month. This has been the weirdest gardening year.

  12. I have lady ferns, cinnamon ferns, and ostrich ferns, The lady and ostrich are just starting, haven't seen the cinnamon ferns yet. My first plant shipment arrived Friday from your home state (Forest Farm) - it was a flowering dogwood. I have a big shipment of native groundcover type plants that should be coming soon. Love your before and after pictures.

  13. I just subscribed to your blog--thanks for stopping by! I was just eying some cinnamon ferns last week! I really want some for my yard. Your dogwood is beautiful--I can't wait to see pictures of it in bloom.