Thursday, October 18, 2012

Much better

Our dining room is kind of a mess. When Greg moved in we put his dresser in our bedroom and transferred mine to the dining room where it served as a buffet. It worked great for storing table linens and big bowls, but it couldn't store any of our alcohol out of site. 

We already have a lot of bottles of random stuff that we rarely use but might need for cocktails down the line. Then our friends moved to India and left their bar supplies with us, so we suddenly looked like full blown alcoholics. You can sort of see that in these two photos, which show the state of our dining room on a daily basis. Computers! Shoes! Cans of paint for no reason!

Boxes! More paint! Oh my god.

Enter the new bar storage and my attempt to style a shot.

I found this deco-styled buffet on craigslist for $100. I waited and watched and the price dropped to $80 and, miracle of miracles, Greg actually liked it. Guys, we never agree on furniture. Ever.

I want to replace the hardware, but otherwise it's exactly what we need. All of the extraneous bottles got tucked underneath and we can keep just a couple of bottles handy up top. I know, the carpet is fabulous. Someday that will go away.

Then my dresser could go where I really wanted it: in the living room. Previously we had a mid-century style corner table and a cheap pressboard TV stand.


Ignoring the fact that I'm still waiting on the delivery of the last rod for the left-hand window, this is making me like the curtains I made much more. They don't take center stage, they provide some contrast and texture, and they don't offend me. I also hung Enje blinds from Ikea, which give the room a wonderful gauzy light during the day.

I know the TV is awful. We only watch it if people come over for a movie night, or I'd huck it. I prefer to watch TV in bed, like a fat, lazy American.

One! million! pillows!

Now I just need a big-ass farmhouse style table for the dining room, some curtains (*sigh*), and to refinish the floors and maybe I'll be happy with that room. It'll still look like a tornado hit it, but it will be a stylish tornado.

Dream table, from Restoration Hardware


  1. It looks great! As does the area with the TV and curtains. Speaking of that room, do you sit in there often? Do the pillows end up on the floor/strewn around the room? (Just us?)

  2. We hang out in here the least of any room but yes, the pillows end up everywhere!

  3. I've never commented before, but I had to pop in to say that my husband built us a table that looks exactly like your dream table (for about $200!). You probably have enough projects, but here are the plans he used from

  4. Love the new buffet! And the bigger surface for the TV satisfies the clutz in me that gets nervous when tvs look like they're balanced on something too small (when something is top-heavy, it's inevitable that I'll tip it over).

    I meant to chime in yesterday about the curtains...I think they look super-cute, and if someone came to MY house and mentioned the hemline of my curtains, they'd get the evil eye.
    I thought your house was SO put together. Ours feels like a refugee camp...or a house inhabited by college dudes. Admittedly, all the sci-fi models and figurines don't help our cause. I made Norm move all the power tools off our kitchen table yesterday (they've been there all summer) and he put them in a pile on the floor...GACK!

  5. Thank you! And your house doesn't look like a refuge camp at all--what I saw looked really polished and warm and inviting. For reals. We have so much space that we can hide everything in the basement, which is such a boon. Of course, I've had the sewing machine out, along with the ironing board . . . and a big bolt of fabric . . . and a million other tools all over the place. Someday I'll get it cleaned up.

  6. That buffet is seriously gorgeous. What a great purchase.