Monday, April 14, 2014

I love spring

I love spring. It's all tulips and plant sales and the anticipation that I've finally figured out that area of dry shade and it's going to look amazing (I haven't and it won't but it's nice to think otherwise). 

Mukdenia 'Crimson Fans'

It's lengthening days and stubbornly sitting outside drinking beer at night, even though you're freezing.

It's mourning the loss of your favorite canna ('Wyoming') and being giddy over the fact that your Ceanothus thyrsiflorus is going to bloom for the first time.

It's yelling ROBIN RED BREAST! and also OH MY GOD, WHERE ARE ALL THESE ANTS COMING FROM, IT'S LIKE A FREAKING HORROR MOVIE IN OUR BATHROOM! and marveling that the bees are back and sighing that so are the wasps.

It's dandelions and being behind on mulching, already! How is that possible?

It's that perfect week when the daphne is still going and the tulips are all yodeling and every day there's something new blooming to make your allergies terrible but it's okay! It's so worth it!

Isn't it marvelous? Here's to hoping you're enjoying spring as much as Portland is, wherever you are.


  1. Everyone loves spring and so glad to see it has arrived there in full splendour!

  2. I am enjoying spring, and the last week or so of dry, sunny days. I'm very achey though, from all the gardening, but I'm ecstatic that I've finally caught up with the big chores. Now it's just lots of little ones.

  3. So far I'm keeping up with getting new plants in the ground but I know that won't last. And yes, so sore! Take it easy on your back, missy!

  4. Those tulips really do like they're yodeling! Along with its beauties, every season also has its dark side - yours is represented by ants, mine by raccoons (although, thankfully, they've never appeared in the bathroom).

  5. What a perfect description of spring! We're behind here in New England, still waiting, but teased with one or two warm days and a daffodil sighting. I like your assessment of how spring comes on.

  6. Spring is very exciting! So good to see you on Saturday! Your orange tulips are outrageously gorgeous and I've made a note to plant more warm colored tulips this fall!

  7. Your tulip festival is in full swing and looking amazing.