Monday, November 2, 2009

The bedroom

I love my bedroom.  I've spent the least time and energy on this room so it has evolved really slowly.  It was, like almost every other in the room in the house, painted two different colors.

 I sewed curtains for the room and had planned to paint the walls gray but I just couldn't find the right color.  My coworker gave me a bunch of paint samples and I ended up really liking one of the greens.

Cilantro cream by Behr. I love waking up in this room. 

I wanted something dramatic for behind my bed, as the prints I had hanging seemed out of proportion with the room.

I settled on an outdoor shade. $30 at Lowe's!  I found a bigger lamp (too big? what do you think?) at a consignment shop for $20.

I really wanted a mid-century modern dresser for this wall. 

And you know what's crazy?  I found this one at the thrift shop by work for $65.  It's gorgeous.  It was made in Portland by the B.P. John furniture company.  Finding it was like something out of The Secret, right?

A quick coat with the wood conditioner and it was shiny and newish looking.  I kept feeling like the corner with the chair needed something (aside from a new reading chair).  I kept trying different artwork there until I realized that it doesn't need art at all. 

It needs a lamp, no?  I love this one.  I'll never buy it, but a girl can dream. 

I'm still not crazy about the green curtains with the green walls, so I'll probably end up sewing new curtains at some point.  But my roommate came in recently and ooohed, "Oh, it's an ADULT room."  Hearing that made me jump up and down and clap my hands like a kid. Having a room I love like this is the fun part of being an adult.  The bills and the gray hair, not so much.

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