Saturday, February 19, 2011

Things I'm thinking about

Refinishing the kitchen cabinets. It's not on the list of 2011 resolutions but Rustoleum just came out with a new cabinet system that requires no stripping or sanding.

Maybe a nice unglazed linen finish?

But then I would want to regrout the countertops and finally put in baseboards, and paint the kitchen door . . . and you see where I'm going with this. But it's tempting. Anybody have any great ideas for what color I could do that would go with both the floor and the countertops?


  1. Wow, that Rustoleum system seems too good to be true! Our cabinets have been repainted so many times by previous owners that they would definitely need to be stripped regardless (globby spots and whatnot), but I have yet to convince myself that it's worth the effort. Someday we'll redo the whole kitchen and I sort of feel like, maybe it's not worth it to spend time/money on it right now.

    I love what you've done with your kitchen so far! We have a similarly small kitchen and it's so hard to find inspiration online or in books. I mean, yeah, you can find color/finish ideas, but it's hard for me to see our tiny kitchen in the pictures of giant kitchens you see in design books and sites.

    I just noticed the area above your cooktop - I love the shelf there, rather than a microwave!

  2. Anne, before I put the range hood in I had a full sized shelf over the stove and it was awesome. The contractor was nice enough to leave me a tiny bit of it, just right for salt and pepper and whatnot.

    I totally agree that this could be a lot of work in a kitchen that just needs to be gutted. I suspect it might just make me want to completely redo the whole thing!

  3. Heather, actually after I left this comment last night I paged back through your whole blog archives and saw the original shelf. After seeing so much progress in your house I'm feeling really motivated to do the not-that-hard just-take-time projects that we've been putting off. And to remember to take before pics! :)

  4. I am contemplating this Rustoleum system too. We had ours professionally painted last February and they all look like they've been in a bar fight. Curious to see if it really works.