Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The view as of today

We still need to work at making this look less like a giant square of cedar chips but for right now we needed to suppress the hoards of weeds that were sure to colonize the area.

Next up: evergreen plants, rain garden, new tree, deck. Go!

Edited to add: here's a reminder of the before:


  1. We tend to do a lot of sitting on the porch just off our bedroom--you can see a picture here:

    We also have plans for building a deck off the other bedroom and creating a nestled sitting area just off of our bedroom sliders.

  2. Weeeeeee! Okay- where are you going to sit to admire this work/view? Bench somewhere? Is there a porch nearby? What are your 'sitting' plans?

  3. Wow - that looks so much better! Nicely done. Are you doing the deck yourselves? We're doing a fence and deck this summer, I think.

  4. I think we're going to do the deck ourselves. I go back and forth about whether I can afford it, whether we know what we're doing, etc. I'm building another fence too--we should get together and compare splinters sometime. :)

  5. It looks so much better. I love the design and am looking forward to seeing what you plant. I'm so very sorry about your grass. I had the same thing happen in my yard and I've had my scowl face on all week.