Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We finally got sun!

Most of my family lives in California and I quietly weep when I read their Facebook updates IN MARCH that say things like, "First barbecue of the season!" Jerks.

It's been cold and raining like crazy but we finally got some sun this weekend. I had picked up all these plants last week that I ordered in March. Advance plant sales are awesome because your order arrives and you're like, "I ordered five meadow Sidalcea why? Where was I going to put all this now?"

The pink tulips have been up for a while and I've been waiting on the black ones.

The black bulbs are my favorite.


Chive blossoms


Western trilliums and lady fern

Wild ginger Asarum caudatum

The boy spent the whole day weeding and we barbecued and ate outside. Maybe I had to wear a sweatshirt toward the end but, whatever, I'll take it. 

Shooting star Dodecatheon hendersonii

And 7 out of 9 of all y'all liked the birdbath so now we'll just wait and see if the birds will use the thing. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for hummingbirds.


  1. So pretty! Wasn't this last weekend great? Due to jobby job stuff, I haven't gotten as far with my Audubon stuff as I've wanted, but you are always a gardening inspiration.

  2. Amy, I finally made it to the Naturescaping class so maybe I can catch up to YOU with site planning. :)

  3. And I envy your garden - says the girl staring out at her brown grass in the Prairies. The western trilliums are gorgeous.

  4. Laura, I know we're spoiled here in the Pacific NW! Its so easy to garden here.

  5. I am SO SAD that I put my tomatoes out too early. It's momentarily killed my garden lust. I think I'm in the middle stages of grief! Every time I think of going over to the garden, I just think, "Why bother?" It's too cold to plant the next batch of veggie seeds and it'll just remind me that my tomatoes are probably not going to fruit. They're still alive, so I have no idea what to even DO about them. Leave them and take up valuable space, risking that they might not fruit? Or just pull them and start over? I had three heirloom varieties that I'm not sure I can replace.


    Your black tulips came out somewhere between the color of my tulips and the ones I saw at Woodburn last weekend. Mine are very burgundy. Theirs were BLACK! Or just about. I was jealous. I wonder why mine are so red?

    This weather is just killing me (although of course today is gorgeous). I'm desperate to plant the next round of veggie seeds but it's just not reliably warm enough yet. I don't want to kill anything else! At least the peas are coming up.

  6. Jess, my tulips are getting progressively darker the longer they're out. Have yours darkened at all?

    I have friends who have successfully used cloches to protect their tomatoes--just some stakes in the ground wrapped in plastic. I hope they rebound for you. :(

  7. Thanks. I'm afraid it's too late to cloche since they've been out for nearly two weeks, including that night that it was nearly frosty. They are still alive, so I don't know what to doooooo. Ugh. Live and learn. It's not like I can't get more tomato plants, but I can't get THOSE!

    I'm going to head over to the PSU farmers market this weekend to see what starts I can find. SIIIIIIGH

  8. update: this is what my tulips looked like upon first bloom: http://www.flickr.com/photos/16179876@N00/5641141422/in/photostream

    now they're somewhere in between that and yours. definitely still burgundy, but not quite so light. WHY GARDEN WHY.

    in other news, I can't! wait! until my chive blossoms bloom. they look just like yours do. SO CLOSE.

    ok I'll stop spamming your blog now. I think.

  9. Jess, I love you spamming my blog. :) And your garden is so pretty--even if the tulips aren't as dark as you'd like they made your hyacinth look even pinker. Lovely.

  10. I love the combo of the tulip colors you have! My tulips are so haphazard, I really need to transplant them so they're not so scattered. I love the look of the way you have yours. Also the Heuchera is such a pretty color!

  11. Anne, I *think* the heuchera is Purple Palace but I bought it a year ago and I've done a crappy job of keeping track of everything.