Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bird bath, part deux

Last fall, right after I got back from Hawaii, I discovered that the patio umbrella had fallen over, taking the table with it and smashing the top of the birdbath.

And this tree was chopped down at some point by the previous owner, only to have it sucker back to life.

While I admire its tenacity, I think I want that stump to be the base of a new birdbath. So I gave it a little haircut.

And I took out a crummy day at work on the stump with my handsaw (which would have been so much easier with a chainsaw--YOU'RE WELCOME, ENVIRONMENT).

I was left with these funny guys. Hands in the air!
Then I grabbed this tray at Ikea. I like the size and the shape. It's swoopy. But I'm not sure about the pattern.

Now if the Nootka roses I have on either side would hurry the hell up and GROW the birds would have a semi-private area in which to bathe. And the thorns from the roses would deter any would-be predators. Modesty and security, just what every bird wants!

But seriously, does this look super lame? Should I stain or paint the tray (in bird-friendly ways, of course)? 

 Vote, yo.

  • Yea! Keep it as is.
  • Meh. You need to do X to make it usable. (Gimme suggestions in the comments)
  • Nay. That's just a bad idea.


  1. Love it! You're so creative!

  2. Dig it! My only concern, after having dealt with several ridiculously-suckering shrub/tree/minions-of-satan, would be that the tree stump will keep suckering and push the tray off. But I love how it looks!

  3. This is BRILLIANT! Don't change a thing.

  4. I am always looking for inspiring options. Thank you