Wednesday, June 1, 2011

And suddenly we have a garden!

One single month ago the stump area looked like this.

The peonies and lupine are growing like gangbusters. I want to divide this lupine next year because the lime green foliage makes me tingly. I want it everywhere. It doesn't hurt that lupine is a nitrogen-fixer, so other plants benefit from its proximity.

Alas, I think I need to declare the DIY birdbath a failure. The wood is discolored and I suspect it's going to rot, despite being coated in something protective. I'm hoping to possibly use it as a form to create a new birdbath out of cement.

I've set my phasers to "lush."

I've set my phasers to "stunning?" Man, I'm bad at the puns.

Pretty pretty, shiny shiny! That's more my speed. Things are growing and I love it.

Oregon iris Iris tenax


  1. You guys have done a remarkable job in your garden.
    Love it!

  2. Thanks! I had a lupine go missing too. I know it was somewhere over there-ish . . . I had the foliage of two bulbs disappear in the night, too. Maybe they all took off for greener pastures.

  3. So pretty! Your garden is really looking great! (My lupine is just...missing this year. It was hear when the Audubon lady did the walk-through, but it's gone now. Not even a sign of where it used to be. Perhaps it's a were-lupine and wandered off at the last full moon.)