Monday, June 27, 2011

Let's move rock!

There's been no movement on the doug fir saga. My next door neighbor E asked (through another neighbor) if we could hold off on meeting. It's starting to sound like E is having signs of diminishing mental faculties. A landscaper was hired to clear the shared area under our roses and he told me she said I was "trying to take over her yard."

The neighbor who is trying to help us figure this out says that E is paranoid and convinced I reported her, and there's no reasoning with her. I'm still hoping we'll have a sit-down, but I'm not convinced it will change anything. I'm trying to just let it go, since I never did anything in the first place, and you can't rationalize with dementia.

The city forester called me back and said that she can't see anything on file and she doesn't know of any way that someone could force the removal of a healthy tree. The forester said the only thing she could speculate would be a letter from a neighbor, for insurance purposes. Apparently, if someone was concerned about the tree, they could send a certified letter to the owner and state that they are concerned about the tree. Then, if the tree fell down on their house, the neighbor who owned the tree would have to pay for repairs.

So maybe someone sent her a letter? Or maybe they didn't? I may never know because she won't talk to me directly. *Sigh*

Instead of thinking about this I've been working on the backyard. I decided I wanted to continue the retaining stones around the area where the cement slab had been.

The cedar bark wasn't staying where it should.

Et voila!

And now I would like to never haul cement or stone or rock ever again.


  1. Think of how strong you are now!

  2. It looks awesome and you're completely right, no reasoning with dementia.

  3. Except for all the groaning when I try to lean over and pick things up. :)

  4. That looks so awesome! I'm totally enamored of this tidy but not overly anal look. I'm so totally going to be copycatting you! (Eventually, when I work up the energy.)

  5. Your garden is looking so good. Loving that edging, and how it's holding everything together. I can ***totally*** see how things are going to grow in here and relax. Nice job!

  6. Thanks, Lelo! I'm still using your garden as inspiration :)