Friday, April 6, 2012

A trip down memory lane

I didn't realize you weren't supposed to let your rhubarb flower, even though vegetables flowering generally = vegetables giving up the ghost.

Good thing I have my Sunset vegetable gardening book from 1987 to remind me to pull that sucker. The information is timeless even if other things look dated.

Every man features a mustache . . .

He's not even being ironic!

. . . outdated terms abound.

Arugula is called "roquette" and it's "a salad green of Europe seldom discovered here." It tastes like socialized medicine and reasonably-priced wine. If you want to try it, you'll have to grow your own.

Anybody have an idea what they're talking about here? Celtuce? What?

Does anyone grow peanuts anymore? Fun fact: my parents spelled my sister's name "Ami" because they didn't want her likened to Amy Carter. She spent her life unable to find a personalized license plate for her Huffy or a pencil with her name on it, but NO ONE compared her to Ms. Carter.

And everyone looks like this.

But really, should I reapply compost to my rhubarb? I know they are heavy feeders but it got three inches of the good stuff in the fall.


  1. Oh that is very very good! I love me a vintage gardening book.

    I remember discovering Arugula and falling in love. I introduced my parents to it and now my dad is THE Arugula man of Spokane. He grows that stuff like some people grow grass! Or, er, I mean lawn (do people even refer to Marijuana as grass anymore?). As for your sister I can sympathize. No license plate, no stickers or cool necklace with my name on it. Hell even my own Aunt and Uncle didn't spell my name right on my Christmas gift tags.

  2. And today nobody remembers Amy Carter. But Ami likes the washer name is spelled now.

  3. LOL, Dad. Amy Carter turned out to be a pretty cool chick, though!