Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Little improvements

When I decided to make curtains for the front rooms of the house I bought the entire bolt of fabric, or 20 yards. If I'm going to go to the trouble of making curtains that I'm just "meh" about, well I'm going to make 600 of them, damn it. You don't change course mid-stream or something.

I finally got around to making panels for the big window in the dining room and hanging an Ikea Enje blind. I ordered more hardware from JC Penny but screwed up and ordered one fewer than I needed. I also ran out of fabric, so this corner still has ugly, broken, dirty blinds.

Even though the room looks a little silly with just one set of curtains, the amount of extra light that pours through the Enje blind is dramatic. Our house is south-facing and having extra sunshine during the winter (when we can get it) is fantastic.

I think I might actually dye the curtains in this room, even if just to an off-white. I know, exciting times 'round here.


  1. I love your new drapes...and I agree...Go Big, or Go Home! We actually have those same blinds in our living room...but in the darker gray (Norm has SUPER paranoia about people seeing us in the house). I like how they give a bit of privacy...but don't make the room feel like a cave.

  2. Interesting how different the color of your walls looks in each photo.

    If we needed window coverings, which we don't (apologies to blushing deer and racoons), I would want to copy yours.

  3. I love those gray blinds! I found one gray blind in the As-Is department and tried putting it up in the living room but it blocked too much light. :(

  4. You're so lucky--I'd love to not need window treatments!