My Mighty Life List

In September I started drafting my Mighty Life List. It explains why unlimited fried shrimp at the Sizzler made the list, though I'm not sure why fried foods would ever need an explanation.

It's in no particular order and subject to additions:
  1. Go to Hawaii (done 10/10!)
  2. Unlimited fried shrimp at The Sizzler (done 11/2011)
  3. Take tap dancing lessons
  4. Spend an entire day making bolognese and homemade pasta, drinking wine, and watching The Godfather 1&2 with friends (I did something similar once and it was awesome).
  5. Go to Italy (just done 09/11! ohmygod!)
  6. Visit New York City
  7. Refinish the floors in the house
  8. Road trip of the States
  9. Learn how to can food
  10. Successfully make a boule of bread (mine are always flat)
  11. Bike to a picnic in the park
  12. Vacation on Isla Mujeres
  13. Learn to walk naturally in heels
  14. See Glacier National Park before all the glaciers melt
  15. Learn to salsa dance confidently
  16. Make a pie for someone else, which means not eating a single bite myself
  17. Vacation with my mom
  18. Pay off my credit card debt
  19. Roast my own coffee beans
  20. Learn to crochet
  21. See the manatees in Florida (sea cows, how I love you!)
  22. Learn to type without looking
  23. Take piano lessons
  24. See Machu Picchu
  25. Set foot in seven continents
  26. Croissants in Paris. Remember it fondly afterward with some International Coffee.
  27. Kayak a major body of water
  28. Complete the 3 day Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure
  29. See the Grand Canyon
  30. Get a role in a musical
  31. Attend a seder
  32. Catch a fish
  33. Attend a Dia de los Muertos celebration in Mexico
  34. See the Karst topography in China
  35. Swim in a cenote
  36. Go backpacking again
  37. Take one of my nieces or nephews on an awesome trip
  38. Make my own mozzarella cheese
  39. Have a dinner party and not feel disappointed about how some of the food came out.
  40. Happy hour oysters at Cafe Nell
  41. Camp on the southern Oregon coast
  42. Take a painting class
  43. Learn how to swim, for reals (I *love* being in the water but I do this sad mashup between the breast stroke and doggie paddle and I'd be screwed if I ever needed to get somewhere quickly.)
  44. Get my yard prettified enough to be featured on a garden tour . . .
  45. . . . and then invite LeAnn over for cocktails
  46. Float in the Dead Sea
  47. Sew a sundress
  48. Visit my family in Scotland
  49. Go to Japan
  50. Helicopter ride in Hawaii
  51. Have a ladies-only tea party in the garden where we all wear dresses and eat little sandwiches.
  52. Curry at HA & VL
  53. Take a vacation with Bill
  54. Make pizza on the barbecue
  55. Host a board game night
  56. Find the perfect jeans
  57. Learn how to hit a baseball/softball
  58. Play craps (it's look like so much fun in the movies . . . until something TERRIBLE happens)
  59. Tea in the Chinese garden
  60. Indian food at Vij's in Vancouver 
Want to make your own Mighty List? Here's the inspiration