Wednesday, June 16, 2010

You'll never guess what happened.

I found more weird stuff buried in my yard.

Some sort of stainless steel shelf was buried about three inches deep and covered with rocks.  Again, I didn't find anything buried underneath it, which begs the question, "WHY?"  Why bury these things in the yard rather than putting them in the trash?  Or is this some bizarre attempt at weed control?

Can you imagine what I'd find if I actually rototilled the entire yard?

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  1. I once lived in a rental house with some friends and we found the most amazing variety of crap buried in our yard. We could never figure out if it was that they were too poor to use the dump or if they really thought that bag of carpet would biodegrade eventually. We just wanted to put in a small garden, but like you spent a good deal of time digging and sifting random stuff out of the yard first.