Thursday, January 20, 2011

Help me pick a paint color.

I like to paint a large area when I'm waffling over color choices but I think the color swatches, combined with the 6 existing paint colors, skidded right past "helpful" and right into "confusing." The walls will be the olive green you see on the lower half of the wall.

It looks sort of awesome the way it is, no?  *Sigh.*

But seriously, which looks better? Dark gray or white? Or something completely different?


Rachel makes me realize that I haven't specified what the color scheme will be in this room.  This is the inspiration photo for the room:

The rug will get swapped out for a light blue one and there will be pops of red.  So I'd like the fireplace to have some drama  . . . but more of the black-white spectrum kind. And of course I'll put a bird on it. :)


  1. i think it might be better with a cream rather than a stark white. i always like cream with olive.


    what about this? or is this green not the right tone??

    what about a dusty gray/purple?

  3. Have you thought about just putting a bird on it and calling it art?

  4. love the white!! and totally agree about the bird :)