Thursday, November 3, 2011

Home Depot does me a solid.

Cracked sink wants to hug you.

Remember when I listened to the Internet and poured very hot water down my bathroom sink and cracked it? I called two sink refinishers in town and asked about repairing the crack and refinishing the sink. They both told me that the cracking would only continue to get worse and that repairing it "wasn't worth it."

I visited Home Depot yesterday to ask for their help in locating a replacement sink. I bought the sink as a combination; it included the vanity, the sink, and the mirror. A very nice guy called and found out that it's a Home Depot brand, which means they manufacture it. And my only option is to buy the whole kit again. The kit is $399.00.

I emailed Frank Black, the CEO of Home Depot (contact info here), and Craig Menear, their VP of Merchandising and told them how frustrated I was that I can't purchase a replacement sink. I asked for help in locating a sink, since they manufacture it and all. I got a phone call within five minutes from Greg Stanford who told me they were shipping me a new combination.

I'm still shocked that they can't hunt down a sink for me, as I don't need a new vanity or mirror, but I'm very happy with the customer service. I have always gone to Home Depot over Lowe's (which is closer to my house) because their customer service is better and their return policy is fantastic. I think their associates are totally hit-or-miss. I've had some amazing bend-over-backwards help in the lighting and electrical departments . . . and then there was Gary in equipment who suggested I use a pressure-washer on my kitchen floor. To remove thinset. And then he was a dick about it.

Man, I am still mad at Gary.

But I love you again, Home Depot. Thanks for doing me a solid, even though I'm not excited about putting together another sink.


  1. This is awesome. This kind of personal attention THE WAY IT SHOULD BE IN BUSINESS reaffirms my faith in humanity. For five minutes, at least.

    Way to go!

  2. The husband and I go 'round and 'round about which one of the semi-evil boxes are better. I say Home Depot, he says Lowes. I'll be telling him about your experience just as soon as he gets home tonight. Of course then he'll remind me how he cracked the lid of our new toilet when installing it and the guy at Lowes gave him the floor model saying "We'll order a replacement...can't have you living with a toilet with no lid"...on second thought maybe I won't tell him about your experience.

  3. I go back and forth too. The Depot (which my friend refers to as "the Despot") supposedly donates to Republican candidates BUT they stood up to the AFAwhen they tried to start a boycott because they offer benefits to the same-sex partners of their employees. It's probably a toss-up. :)

  4. Definitely a toss up! And, don't forget that the Despot support Olympians!
    Still, never forget that the ReBuilding Center has sinks really, really cheap. And lots of other stuff. We have totally scored on various home building supplies. Over on N Mississippi....