Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A happy new year to you

Whew you guys, we made it through the holidays. I have no excuse to dislike the holidays but I always have a hard time enjoying them. They end up so busy, so expensive, and so jammed with things like work parties (seriously, we see each other every day, why so many work parties?). It didn't help that 2012 was a really bad year for a lot of people. I can't remember a year where I knew more people who lost loved ones or jobs or their health. Greg and I have been hiding out for a week, working on jigsaw puzzles and staying in our pajamas all day.

I also painted more black doors.

I've been reading everyone's "What we accomplished last year" lists on their blogs and I was feeling so lazy but then I realized that we painted the house and landscaped the front yard plus I painted a whole bunch of stuff, so that made me feel better. I still have no quarter round on the floors upstairs but the year of little things was fairly successful. We have curtains in the living room! We have a real light fixture over the kitchen sink!

Our biggies on the list for 2013 largely involve the basement. I got a gift certificate to Mr. Plywood for Christmas so we're finally going to install baseboard and window trim in Greg's movie lair.

And on the laundry side we're going to demo a useless built-in and install shelving. Greg thinks if we do this I'll stop leaving the tape measure in a different place every time I use it, which makes me laugh and laugh. Variety is the spice of life! Where is the fun in home improvement if you don't spend the first half hour looking for the hammer that your girlfriend inexplicably left in the bedroom closet?

From me to you, I wish you good health, happiness, and peace. I'll be over here poring over all the gardening catalogs I'm getting in the mail. Spring is coming!


  1. I LOVE the doors. And we still haven't been able to find Chris' painters tool for the last 6 months. And I like to think of myself as organized... :)

  2. You ARE organized. I think you must have house elves, that's the only reasonable explanation.

  3. Those doors look fabulous! I just love that look of the dark door with the white trim around it - so fresh and so clean, clean. And seriously, you did a shit-ton this year! I aspire to accomplish as much as you have. As an aside, we have like three hammers for the very reason you mentioned.

  4. Thanks, lady! And what I do in door painting you do in sewing/crafting. Same amount of work, just different outputs!

  5. I think you have found the key to holiday happiness: puzzles & pj's. Just one tip: personalized his/hers tool boxes.

  6. I was just gonna did SO MUCH this year...I'm exhausted just thinking about it! I think we own about 10 tape measures. I always leave them in the most random places and just buy another one while Norm isn't looking.

    I was fabulously lazy last week (took the whole week after Christmas off). I never wore real pants, ate tons of left-over turkey, re-discovered my love of mashed potatoes, watched whole seasons of silly British period dramas and generally indulged my inner Jabba the Hut. Happy New Year ;-)

  7. Happy new year! Your week sounds PERFECT.