Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I need to get more of these

I planted Festuca glauca 'Golden Toupee' last spring and it didn't do much. It didn't grow at all and it faded to an unremarkable white/blue.

At planting

In August

But now?

In a sea of dead things this little guy is a cheery blast of chartreuse.

I think I'd like to buy 40 more of these. And I'd like to make it grow. Does anyone have this grass? Is it ever going to stretch its legs?


  1. I have the blue version (2 years now) and its barely grown bigger than a toupee.

  2. Nice! I would like to see a whole bunch planted together to make a sort of meadowy ground cover.

    1. Me too! I think it would be pretty in the summer AND the winter.

  3. I'm not familiar with that little guy...but a lot of the Fescues stay pretty small...this might be one of them. He certainly looks like he prefer cooler weather!

  4. You can split off a bit (get some roots) and start yourself a new clump.

  5. The tag says 12-15 inches. Liars!

  6. It's a cutie, all right. Might be a good alternative to 'Northern Lights' which I have planted unsuccessfully several times.

  7. I looove Northern Lights. Is that one tricky to grow?

  8. Golden Toupee? I want it just for the name!