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Friday, December 11, 2009

A wonderful surprise

If I'm watching TV I'm either knitting, doing the crossword puzzle, or scanning craigslist.  I can't just sit and watch TV anymore, which is actually really annoying.  I found an amazing fireplace screen on craigslist one night and joking sent a link over Twitter and said, "Someone buy me this.  I'm serious, I love it."

I came home one night the following week after work to find this:

I think it's amazing.

And I think it looks great in the room, which has gone through a lot of rearranging.



I will not apologize for my Battlestar Galactica prints.

The fireplace screen was left, of course, by Bill.  He happened to be going to Sellwood, where the seller was, and picked it up.  He had been carrying it around in his car, waiting for a good time to sneak it into the house.  And yet I still made him help me with the installation of the garbage disposal.  Seriously, I'm a rotten friend.  I don't deserve him.