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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Why didn't you tell me?

Because my mind is a sad and boring place, I often stand in the shower after a hard day in the garden and ponder, "What's a gardener's bigger friend? The wheelbarrow or the nail brush? I should ask that on my blog." I've been using those cheap leather work gloves from Home Depot, which get so full of splinters when you spread mulch, AND they leave your nails filthy. Even though I read two years ago on Mr. Brown Thumb about Atlas gardening gloves, I didn't think they could be that great and waited until now to buy some. They are $15 for a four-pack on Amazon. Even if they all crap out by the end of the year, that's cheap.

Holy shit, they're awesome. No splinters made it through when I spread mulch (I prefer to use my hands over a rake). My nails were pristine. It didn't feel like I was wearing gloves. I could pick out tiny weeds without mangling the seedlings I wanted to keep. I could operate my phone with them on. They were comfortable. I chased miles of wild morning glory roots, carefully teasing them out of the soil so they wouldn't break and resprout.

My neighbor has wild morning glory so I have wild morning glory

Then LeAnn asked the next day on Facebook about which gardening tools we couldn't live without and I chimed in about my gloves and everyone else was like, "Oh I love those too!"

Guys, why didn't you tell me?!?

Be sure to watch for LeAnn's column in PQ Monthly about the tools gardeners can't live without. I can't wait to find out that there's a better tool than a landscaping spike for popping dandelions. Or head over to her Facebook page and chime in about your favorite garden tool or the tool you find the biggest waste of money. Think of the poor dumb gardeners like me who need a leg up.