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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Decorating the basement

I was doing some spring cleaning and I decided to finally move the armchair down into the basement.  I had to take the legs (and the basement door) off and I *might* have dinged the paint a bit coming down.

I think the room needs a pop of color, don't you?  I decided to move my red tables into the basement.  They were from my reveal:

And then they got moved to the laundry room.  Even laundry rooms need color.  And a lot of junk, apparently.

My coworker has a Murphy bed she no longer needs. I'm going to put it on the wall where the yellow table currently resides.  Then when I have house guests they can fold down the bed and have their own suite down here.

I was so excited about starting to get this going that I dragged my roommate down to see it.  And I saw another centipede.  And I screamed.  And I squeezed the car keys in my hands and set off my car alarm.  And then the dog went nuts.

We're VERY excited about the basement over here.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Crawly things

The night after we completed the basement laminate install Bill picked me up for dinner and I dragged him down to look at the finished product.  We were oohing and ahhing over the floor until I started screaming because there was a CENTIPEDE on the fireplace.

Have you ever seen one in real life?  They are disgusting and they move FAST.  Bill rolled his eyes and killed it for me.  [Someone later asked me if we took it outside and I was like, "Why would I let something from the 7th level of hell live?  Huh?"]

Afterward I had a tender moment because Bill's been rescuing me from bugs for eight years!  Thank the heavens for him!  The funny thing is that, in the last nine months, I have been in just about every crevice in my house with the exception of the crawl spaces.  I was actually at the point where I was feeling like maybe I was brave enough to don one of those white suits and go in there.  But now?  Now that I know there are centipedes?  Nuh uh.  No way.

Should the spiders of the world decide to work on their PR, I think a good slogan would be: "Spiders: we're not centipedes!"  I like them better already.