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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Finishing touches

I've been trying to focus on finishing touches in the house, like rugs and curtains and lighting. Over on Little Green Notebook there was a post on eSale Rugs. I ended up falling down the rabbit hole, driving Greg crazy by incessantly asking him, "Do you like this one? What about this one? How about these?"

I thought this Draper Stripe rug by Dwell Studio would be perfect (fairly inexpensive and cute) but Greg hated it. eSale Rugs seemed like it was more his style.

They had a bunch of rugs at 50% off ("Two more days!" they said a month ago--it sounds like everything is always 50% off) and we found one that we could both agree on. It arrived and we discovered that it was about an inch wider than they claimed, but other than that we liked it okay.

We don't love it (it's too wide) but you can't really beat $80 for a thick wool rug. And now our hallway doesn't echo when I yell, "What do you think of this rug? What about this one?" Anybody have a great source for rugs? I can't convince Greg to buy that beautiful Schoolhouse Electric one yet.