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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Progress in the basement


The basement. My albatross.  When I bought the house the basement had been drywalled and taped.  The seams had been mudded but they needed to be sanded.

I hate sanding.  Really, really hate it.  I had primed the drywall but the corners needed to be taped and mudded and sanded and primed and sanded and painted and sanded . . .

You can't just leave rough corners like this.

You have to get some of this.

And some of this.

You smear some of the joint compound on the corner and then affix the corner bead.

Then you wipe away the excess compound and let it dry.  Then you have to put more compound on top of that, trying to make it as smooth as possible.

Then you let that dry and sand and sand and sand.  Did I mention I hate sanding?  Then you try to remove as must of the dust from the drywall as possible and then slap on another layer of primer.

It takes professionals no time at all to do this process.  I just watched a TV show where these pros came in and did a whole room in two hours.  It was beautiful.  I felt so lame.  This took me THREE WEEKENDS.

But I'm finally at a point where I can start painting.  I love painting!  Once I'm done painting I can scrape the foam padding off the floor, install the laminate flooring, and then install the disco ball.

Oh yeah. I own a disco ball.