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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Great sadness!

The weather gods decreed that the sedum planter is yard trash.

At some time during the night that leaning bit of gate fell over, squished my mock orange and took out my little shabby chic drawer of sedums.  You'd think I'd learn and finally put that bit of gate (which I intend to turn into a compost bin) in the garage but, no, I just leaned it up against the fence again.

Ha ha, weather gods! I have another bathroom vanity drawer in the basement! And I never learn my lesson!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What do you think, peanut gallery?

Is it shabby chic or yard trash?  This drawer was from the old vanity in the bathroom.  I threw some cheap dowels on it, thinking I'd seen enough salvage DIY on Design Sponge to make it work.  I decided it looked stupid, then temporarily moved it to the side yard where it magically adopted the perfect leaning angle to look awesome.  

But then I moved it to plant sedums in it and it looks not-awesome again. 

Yes? No? Would it look great if I just had a stone statue of frogs playing checkers?