Wednesday, May 19, 2010


When I moved into the house there was this red thing in the backyard.

People speculated that it was a giant candlestick or an ashtray.  Then someone guessed it was the base of a birdbath.  That makes more sense, no?

I grabbed a terracotta saucer from the hardware store and put it on top. 

It doesn't match exactly but! the night I put it out two hummingbirds came into my yard. They didn't visit the bath but hopefully they were doing a little recon, realizing that I'm putting in plants that will provide habitat and nectar, as well as some creature comforts for them.  I love hummingbirds and that funny brrrrrrrrrptttttttpth noise they make when they cruise through the yard.  The large black birds that eat pizza on my roof (I am not making this up--I found two of them fighting over a full piece of cheese pizza a few weeks back)?  Not so much.  

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