Friday, May 21, 2010

Vegetables . . . finally!

Last summer was the first time in three years I didn't grow vegetables. It broke my heart.  I'm rebounding by planting my starts way too close together.  Pickling cucumber, tomatillo, brussels sprouts, parsley, sage, (rosemary will go in a pot), thyme, cilantro, basil, kale, and marigolds.

My roommate's classmate gave me this box.  It originally had a window on top so it could be used as a seedling greenhouse.  He neglected to mention that the window was missing so I decided to turn it into a wee planter box.

I put a double layer of window screening in the bottom . . .

I filled it with soil . . .

And I planted my lettuce. 

There was an article a couple years back, I swear it was in the NY Times though I can't find it now, that said lettuce only needs a few inches of soil.  I usually grow ten times as much lettuce as this; I love a big salad and homegrown lettuce tastes soooo much better than store-bought. If this plot thrives in the shade of the garage I may build another bed. And another one for arugula. And another one for radicchio!  Yum.

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