Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Crossing things off the list

I have some time off before I start my new job so I decided to finally tackle the dilapidated fence on the west side of the yard. I've also watched an inadvisable amount of Real Housewives of New York. That show makes me feel dirty.

The fence didn't provide a shred of privacy.

Also, the cedar (it's a cedar! not a hemlock!) was planted too close to the fence and, as it grew, it pushed the fence out.

So I had to build the fence around the tree. But first I made sure to NOT measure the existing posts (which I was reusing) before I went to buy wood. I just assumed they'd be six feet apart but, no, these posts were sunk by a drunk toddler, so some of the spans are 93 inches, some are 70, some are 82! It's fun because it requires custom cuts for every single stringer AND now the fence isn't up to code. But I digress.

Ignore the horizontal board, it was just to help me keep the board height level.

We still have some special cuts to do around the cedar but I figure I should let the enginerd help with that. This weekend I had a hot shirtless Greg mowing my lawn in my newly private yard that I love and I felt so, so lucky.


  1. That fence looks kickass! Not only provides privacy, but looks great doing it! And the design you chose had another bonus - it totally hides the fact that the distances aren't even. You totally can't tell! Well done.

  2. Thanks so much! And yes, my body HURT after doing this.

  3. Thanks, Anne! I'm going to tell everyone that we designed it that way to hide the uneven posts. :)

  4. I only charge $1000 an hour! ;)

    I really will help if you need laborers. I built this one by myself and it was really hard.

  5. The fence looks great! I know who to hire when it's time to do ours, now! :)

  6. Your fence looks awesome! That is a ton of hard work.

  7. That fence? The one right there? PURE. AWESOMENESS. You, my friend, are ON THE BLOGROLL!!!