Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Magic! Now in pink.

There have been magical things happening in the yard recently. The boy and I are were eating dinner on the deck and I interrupted a story he was telling by swearing and running toward the planter. I had caught a glimpse of hot pink from behind the tomatoes, where the coneflower is planted. I planted the coneflower last spring and it never did anything. I had no idea what color the blooms would be. So imagine my surprise when I saw this:


My "little honey" oakleaf hydrangea, planted last summer, bloomed for the first time.

I've planted rhubarb twice before and it failed to thrive; not so this time. It's huge! And it's just going to get bigger.

I am so in love with this heuchera. I believe it's Hollywood and it started blooming in early April. The blooms have stayed hot pink (and beautiful) for months and now they've pushed out a second round of flowers. The hummingbirds love them and the foliage is a gorgeous dusty purple. I have some other heuchera varieties in my yard and they're just kind of "enh." The best part of this lovely Hollywood? It was one scraggly plant I bought for $4 at a plant sale that I cut in five pieces and planted.

And dahlias! Hooray for dahlias!

Just one month ago I planted tomato plants.

And now they're doing this.

I don't even water my tomatoes! Magic.


  1. You got TWO rounds of heuchera flowers? You must have paid some plant karma along the way!

  2. Holy cow, good job! I water the heck out of my tomato plant, and it just keeps begging for more. Boo. I also planted some new coneflowers late this summer, I hope the come up next year....they are reddish orange blooms, 'tomato soup' cultivar. Can't wait!

  3. Then I must have gotten it from you! xoxo

  4. I swear this heuchera is better than the rest. My other heucheras bloomed once and then promptly looked leggy. This one is perfect.

  5. Are your tomatoes in the ground or in pots? Apparently (or so says the tomato guy at Yamagami's) tomatoes, if regularly watered, don't send their roots down very deep and you end up with milder tasting fruit and a plant that tends to wilt in the heat. If you plant them very deeply and mulch the hell out of them, they shouldn't need to be watered more than once a week.

  6. Damn indeed! Also, your tomatoes are INSANELY AWESOME!

  7. If by "awesome" you mean "planted way too close together" then, yes, they are. ;)

  8. LOL, that's my usual MO for tomatoes, so I'm happy to see someone else doing it, too. :)