Saturday, January 28, 2012

If you are a house blogger . . .

If you are a blogger, chances are you're either redoing your kitchen or you're pregnant. No, seriously, go look at your RSS reader. Pregnant or remodeling their kitchen or sometimes both.

I don't want babies so I'm satisfying the demands of the gods by doing the only kitchen remodel I can afford: painting the door. These pictures best show the gnarly state of our kitchen door. Dinged, dented, filthy, peeling, and just sad.

Upon taking apart the doorknob, I discovered that the previous owner had affixed it with caulk. Like the kind you use to seal your bathtub. That makes sense! I used a scraper to get the caulk off, leaving me with this mess.

I sanded everything down but I didn't have wood putty because of an unfortunate accident where my tube of wood putty hardened at the top and I squeezed too hard and the whole tube pooped out its contents from the bottom end, all over me. That's pretty much what having kids is like, right?

I wanted to get the door done before the boy returned from his work trip (Surprise! Paint fumes!) so I just painted it without filling the gauges. Enh, we'll live. I also hit up the knob with some Brasso.

It looks better, ya? Of course, now that the whole thing looks shiny and new I kind of feel like it would look better with a color. Maybe I could paint it yellow and Greg would feel better about the fact that I stole his yellow hallway from him.

Or maybe that's a bad idea.

Sherwin-Williams Daffodil

Sherwin-Williams Chartreuse

Sherwin-Williams Jonquil

The kitchen has always been tricky because the yellow counters are so cool and the floor tiles ended up being so much warmer and browner than I expected--I'm still trying to find ways to bridge the gap between the two. Regardless, I need to address the trim which still needs to be filled, sanded, and painted.

Now go double up on your birth control and get ready to pick out faucets. Or suggest paint colors for the door if you're feeling opinionated.


  1. I guess I'm exempt because I'm more of a garden blogger...right? ugh...we really need to finish our kitchen someday...our floor is so nasty.

  2. I have also noticed this kitchen reno/procreation trend!

    I need to see another photo of the yellow countertop before I can weigh in on the door. Off to look at older posts. :-)

  3. I am not redoing my kitchen, but we are just finishing up on the bathroom remodel. All that's left are the annoying finishing touches that aren't necessary to a working bathroom, but make it look nice. And I am, of course, fairly pregnant. :)

  4. The door looks so much better! I have a fear of yellow doors. Mine only looks good in the dark.

  5. I'm not into the yellow door. Would it look weird if it matched the soffit? I do tend to stick with classics for doors, though, so I'd probably go with white.

  6. That's not a bad idea. I've also thought about matching that very pale blue from the alcove right across from it. For what it's worth, Greg agrees with you and thinks we should keep it white. :)

  7. Over the last two years I've noticed the majority of my favorite home remodel/decor bloggers have gotten knocked up and I've gone from reading about stuff that interests me to nurseries and morning sickness. I've unsubscribed a lot. I'm sure they don't miss me since I have nothing to add to the discussion about whether this pink is better than that pink for crib bedding.

    I've seen yellow doors in person that look great, but they can look strange online. Maybe more of a goldenrod color instead of the pale, traditional yellows above?

  8. So happy to find your blog! Have had to dump all sorts of house blogs out of boredom of baby talk. Think your gardening is excellent :)

  9. Thank you! No babies here, just a lot of plant lust. :)

  10. Heather, I clicked over here because Meryl and Chris just left our house en route to yours, and I was DELIGHTED to see that you linked to my blog while discussing kitchen remodels and being pregnant. I think that is a scream, and honestly, there are a lot of pregnant and new mommy bloggers that used to be cool DIY peeps (like I used to be) and are now lame because kids suck all your life force (that is me now) but, I hope you still read me and I will most certainly read yours! Can't wait to see what those two help you with Tuesday. And, I must know if you did the yellow door, so I will be perusing :)