Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Our rain garden is like a giant slurpee right now.

My poor Cryptomeria japonica was bent over with snow, like someone was pulling its ponytail from behind. We're going to have to restake it and give it some TLC this spring. Stupid snow isn't even sticking around. Hrmph.


  1. What a slushy gross mess out there. I'll be stocking up on the stakes as well, too many young shrubs and trees with week stems and trunks. I was out knocking the snow off bent over plants this morning at 5:30, they all looked so sad. Hope your Cryptomeria recovers!

  2. uhm...ya. That would be weak stems not week ones!

  3. It seems to be perking up as the day goes on but it scared the crap out of me, initially. It looked like the top had snapped off!

    Thank you for commiserating. I know you used to be a Zone 5 gardener, with real weather and everything. :)

  4. UGH...seriously, it was so pretty last night, then this morning, a huge slushy mess. I can't believe how many plants were bent over (some even snapped off). Even a few of the grasses were smashed flat! WAAAHHH! I hope your garden pulls through...although, amazingly, it's really warm out right now!