Monday, February 20, 2012

Because I'm an idiot

Ask me about the time I didn't check the location of the Yard, Garden,
and Patio show carefully enough (or at all) and ended up here instead.


  1.'re not the only one! It took me years to distinguish between the two shows...seriously!

  2. I got the Yard Garden and Patio show confused with the Spring Home and Garden show (next weekend) which takes place at the Expo. It was nerve-wracking sitting in the parking lot waiting for Greg, watching people in camo carry rifles through!

  3. Oh no!!!!

    I've never been to the Home and Garden one, it kind of scares me. If you go (if you can stand two weekends at the Expo Center) I hope you'll blog about it so I know if it's worth checking out. So did you make it to the YGP?

  4. I *did* make it to the YGP! I felt so much better once I was back amongst people with reusable Whole Foods bags and $2 off coupons to share. I went to the Home and Garden show last year only because I was at the Expo for a rain garden class through Metro. Admittance was free with our class, so we walked through the feature gardens. I remember one vendor who created an outdoor dining room that knocked my socks off. The hardscaping was beautiful and you could tell that a gardener had a hand in it because they had incorporated planting space everywhere possible. Other than that I don't remember much. Greg's parents like it better than YGP and they are both avid gardeners.