Friday, February 17, 2012

It's unorthodox but it works

We wanted to reroute more gutters to the rain garden but I didn't want to do anything permanent until we'd really tested whether it could handle so much more water. My first thought was a racquetball over the downspout hole (I don't know) but Greg didn't have one, despite the fact that he owns every piece of sporting equipment ever.

But a measuring cup worked. Don't laugh.

Believe it or not, this is effectively blocking that downspout and the water is now dumping into the rain garden (which is now filling a lot faster). I can watch it during heavy rain and see if it's in danger of overflowing. If the extra rain overflows or overwhelms the rain garden, I can just yank the measuring cup out of the gutter and take the pressure off.

And if it continues to work we can have that downspout removed professionally. And I own three measuring cup sets so I should survive without this one. Everyone wins! Now stop laughing.


  1. Who's laughing? "Make do with what you've got" practicality is an art form.

  2. Thanks :)

    The best part is that no one can see my bandaid!

  3.'re not alone. There is a weird junction in our gutters right above our front always used to drip on our every time we'd go down the steps. I won't tell you what we used to fix it. It's definitely NOT an old t-shirt ;-)

  4. I love this! We actually only have one set of measuring cups and currently the 1/2 cup measure is used for measuring out dog food. We haven't missed it in a year, though, so I guess we're okay. :) This is brilliant! Your garden looks so awesome.

  5. Thank you! The garden really looks sad and sloppy right now. Greg's parents came over yesterday and I was so embarrassed--like we'd been caught with a sink full of dirty dishes.