Friday, February 24, 2012

Curb appeal--things I'm eyeing for the house

Oh god, I didn't even think about the fact that once we painted the house we'd also need to upgrade other things, like the house numbers, doormat, light fixture, etc.

Neutraface Modern numbers by AtlasSigns

The world's most expensive doorbell plate from DWR

I know none of the finishes match but we're playing dress-up! I don't necessarily love the execution of this doormat but I love the function.

A doormat with bristles! From DWR.

Planters to anchor the steps, from Crate and Barrel.

Large bronze tapered planter

I think I'll need to do a different color, as these would disappear against the color of the house. And then I would plant them with chartreuse greenery to pop. What else am I missing? (You know, aside from landscaping.)


  1. That top house number thingie is SHARP. Ours is original to the house (1968), wood, and peeling horribly.

  2. D'oh, clicked too soon. Meant to add that I'm thinking of getting custom house numbers from this artist (with whom I went to school growing up):

  3. Love the house numbers AND the planters...especially with chartreuse (buy I'm a whore for chartreuse)! I can never figure out who actually shops at DWR...anytime I look at their website I just LAUGH at their prices.

  4. Those are super cute! I love the retro vibe they have.

  5. I know we're not the only ones who call it Design Not Within Reach.

  6. Can you come over and convince Greg that they are worth the money? :)

  7. I'd probably have to be able to convince my own husband first that new house numbers are worth the money. There's a reason we still have the Home Depot $0.99 specials on the front of our house.

  8. That doormat with bristles definitely sound like a good product, I hope I'd be able to find one. Thanks.