Monday, March 25, 2013

Bad lines, bad code, bad blogger.

So the other weekend I decided to smother more lawn, resulting in this mess:

After work one day I decided to smooth out my lines by removing some of the surrounding sod, this time with my edger and pick axe. I decided to free hand it, instead of using a hose to guide me to a straight line or a smooth parabola. And it started POURING, so I looked like this.

And my jeans were soaked through and it was getting colder, so I didn't even get everything done.

Blind children could make better lines.

So it still looks stupid. But! I got my little Cistus 'Elma' in the ground and it's very well watered-in.

I ordered some Linaria reticulata 'Flamenco' after seeing it on Kaveh's blog. I love his blog so much.

Photo source: Annie's Annuals

If I put the Linaria here, this is what it will look like with what's already planted there. I need to check back in with Scott (who designed this whole scheme) so I don't get too off-course.

I'd love to incorporate (my new obsession) red tussock grass (Chionochloa rubra), blue grama grass (Bouteloua gracillis 'Blonde Ambition'), and a yellow echinacea cultivar or some sort, which would result in something like this.

I'm not great with color combinations, so I need to tread carefully. Is the Chionochloa going to be out of place? I think it might be out of place. If you're feeling opinionated, would you weigh in in the comments? 

And if you're having trouble commenting, would you shoot me a message? (heather [at] Loree has brought to my attention that she's getting blocked with Chrome and Internet Explorer but I can't reproduce it on my computer. I think I monkeyed with the Disqus code and made everything worse. How surprising.


  1. Well, you will never lack opinions from this group. I think everything goes together nicely except for (excuse me) the Linaria. It may be that it stands out so because the photo is a different scale than the others. In real life it might cuddle up to the others just fine.

  2. Ah, good to know! I haven't gotten the plants yet, so maybe I'll tuck them in somewhere else. Thank you!

  3. I'll bet the Linaria (which I love, btw) would look great with a whole big bunch of Nepeta or lavender.

  4. Ooh, nepeta would be really pretty! I can't do lavender here as it reseeds like crazy.

  5. I definitely think the Chionochloa will look fine...maybe if they are spaced out a bit, rather than a grouping (which might seem overbearing as they are relatively big grasses). Plus, they need room to really "move" in the wind! I think the Linaria will be fine...the shots I saw on Kaveh's blog make the color seem more diffuse, not quite so shockingly bright...but I think a little blue/purple in contrast would both soften it...and contrast nicely :-) If you want any Nepeta, let me our neighborhood cat population increases, my poor Nepeta gets flattened more and more often :-(