Friday, March 15, 2013

Garden bloggers' bloom day March 2013

I've been ignoring the weather report lately, just assuming that it's going to rain. Then when the rain stops it's like a miracle. What's going on out there? Why is so bright and warm looking? Oh my gosh, it's the sun!

Crocus vernus 'Remembrance' and C. chrysanthus 'Romance'

Daphne odora 'Aureomarginata'

Euphorbia 'Blackbird'

Pieris japonica

The other day I was weeding my funny little wheelbarrow planter and, like an idiot, I pricked myself in the finger with one of the agaves, leaving a spike deeply embedded in my index finger. I was so preoccupied with my finger that I didn't even notice that my Pieris was now gift-wrapped. Once I finally noticed that it was blooming I started laughing and laughing. How can you miss that?

Be sure to head over to May Dreams Gardens to see the full show. Thanks, Carol!


  1. WHOA. That euphorbia.

    Also, did you ever get the agave out of your finger??!

  2. It's still in there! It's not infected and it seems to slowly be working its way out, so hopefully someday I'll be spike-free.

  3. I must have been pretty sore to have missed that vast blanket of blooms!

  4. I think I must be legally blind, even with a sore finger!

  5. That pieris is really gift wrapped in style!

  6. I love all the dangling white flowers on the Pieris.

  7. Pieris japonica, so that's what that is! I was on a walk yesterday admiring their Asian-looking flowers and thinking, I really should know the name of this plant.