Monday, June 10, 2013

So my site went down this weekend

My domain name registration automatically renews each year through Google but this year I neglected to read the part of the email where it told me I needed to confirm my payment information. 

If you visited my site this weekend you saw a picture of a pretty co-ed and a suggestion for sites about hammer toes. I'm not as fresh-faced as that girl and my toes, while ugly, suffer only from bunions. I'm sorry if this caused anyone confusion. I'm confused all the time and I can tell you that it's the worst. Please enjoy this picture of a bossy Western Tanager as atonement for my inability to read!


  1. Oh yeah...I've done that...stupid small type!

  2. I was like, "Oh no, what if my site's been highjacked?!" and Greg responded dryly, "Did you pay your bill?" Doh.

  3. You know, I have been kind of concerned about my toes ...

  4. Well the fresh-faced co-ed has some links for you!

  5. Oh no! Not the dreaded hammer toed pretty co-ed! Thanks for posting about this so that we newbie bloggers know what to expect. Who cares if your Western Tanager is bossy when it's that gorgeous? Hammer toed lovely co-ed - Bossy stunning tanager - I guess there are always trade offs.

  6. I have done the same thing before as well! My site was down for 3 days before I found out about it.

    Then I signed up for this free site monitoring service that monitors my site and sends me alert emails when it goes down. It's called Content Site Monitor.

    Give it a try and you will be delighted to find out how easy it is to set up.

    I sleep better knowing that I will get immediate notification when my site goes down. won't inform you when your site goes down. It's your own responsibility to monitor your own site.

    Hope this helps!

    Love your posts and pictures by the way! Keep up the good work!