Thursday, June 6, 2013

This is how it starts

I've always told myself that I can't be bothered with plants that aren't hardy to my zone. We have such a forgiving climate and we can grow so much, there's no point adding plants that I'd have to schlep indoors during the winter. Not because that isn't a noble pursuit but because I am forgetful and lazy and that would be wasting money when they eventually die.


I went to Rare Plant Research a few weekends ago. It was my second year attending and my resolve broke. "It wouldn't be so bad to bring in a couple of plants in the winter," I thought. "Just one or two is doable." I imagine this is how it starts for everyone. I didn't help that Patricia and Megan of Plant Lust were there with Loree and any time I'd wonder internally "Do I need this?" Patricia would magically appear at my side and say, "Oh, you need that." Loree would nod sagely and into my box it would go. (She got the most beautiful bromeliad I have ever seen. I'm still regretting not buying one.)

I gave in to an Agave attenuata, which we saw all over Maui. I think they are one of the most beautiful plants I've ever seen. The color, the shape . . . okay, some of it is probably the memory of Maui. And no pokey parts! (If anyone is wondering, that agave spike that I had embedded in my fingertip did eventually make its way out.) I also picked up an Aeonium 'Salad Bowl', seen below in the orange pot.

Aeonium 'Salad Bowl' and Agave attentuata

I also purchased two black aeoniums: 'Zwartkop' and 'Moonglow.'



Aeonium tops the list of things I wish were hardy in Portland also: echeveria). I also bought some cheapo blue Senecio.

Lastly I picked out an Aloe Dorotheae. As if I didn't spend enough money already, now I need to buy nicer pots.

I guess I need to pay attention to frost dates now, huh?


  1. I saw so many dark Aeoniums in San Diego last summer, I bought a little one but couldn't seem to make it happy, I hope you can. All the plants are cute.

  2. I hope I can make it happy too--they are so beautiful!

  3. Welcome to the dark-green side...hehehehe.

  4. At least I'm in great company. :)

  5. And so it begins!

  6. Yes it is only a matter of time until you'll be measuring the basement ceiling for grow lights. Seriously! Just think of all that wasted space, plus if you get S.A.D. over the winter going downstairs to visit your plants is bound to make you feel better and they naturally mitigate radon! (Okay I made that last part up but I try and believe it because it makes me feel better about the fact we haven't done anything about our potential radon issues.

  7. Oh man, I got so excited for a minute there! We have one of those 90 day radon testers going right now and I'm dreading getting the results.

  8. Surely I'll be good and stick to just these few plants, right? ;)

  9. Radon, shmadon...these plants lift you r spirit, and that's as close as I need to get to bulletproof.